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BAYSIDE RESIDENTS: Hold on to your unwanted household items, sports gear, furniture, etc. in good condition to join the Bayside Bazaar & Yard Sale. You are invited to join a community-wide Yard Sale on Saturday August 19.


To participate, there is a $10 fee payable to the host nonprofit, Bayside Corners, who will provide signs, advance promotion, and a map of all participating locations. Sign up by answering the following questions, and then Click to Pay here , send your check to P.O. Box 342, Bayside, or drop off your payment and sign up at the Bayside Farmstead Cafe at the Corner of Old Arcata & Hyland or Brainwash Thrift in the SunnyBrae Shopping Center BY August 16. We will have the yard sale maps ready for the public on August 17.

For $10, you may also sell items in good condition [No Clothes.] at the Temperance Hall, 1928 Old Arcata Rd. where Mistwood School is located. For details, email

Funds raised will support improvements & beautification of the property and repair/restoration of the Temperance Hall (built in 1882) in the center of Bayside. It is expected that between $80,000-100,000 is needed to repair and store this community center and improvements on this property.

Bayside Corners, a nonprofit organization, urges Bayside residents who have been spring cleaning to save their cool stuff to sell in a community-wide Bayside Bazaar & Yard Sale on Saturday, August 19th . There are 2 ways Bayside residents can join this Yard Sale event:

1-Provide your address to be included in the Yard Sale tour map, promotion, and receive a Yard Sale sign for $10; neighbors may also choose to combine their sale items in one yard. You can sign up here on this website, through the Bayside Corners Facebook event page here, by mailing your contact information, yard sale address for the map, and check to P.O. Box 342, Bayside, CA 95524, -or- at the following locations:

2 – The day before the Yard Sale, Friday August 26, 4:00-6:00PM, deliver your sale items to the Temperance Hall where Mistwood School is located at the corner of Old Arcata Road and Jacoby Creek Road. A $10 donation is requested. This will be the central location for the Bayside Bazaar & Yard Sale 10:00AM to 5:00PM on Saturday. Items must be clean, in good condition, priced, sellable, and must be picked up if not sold.

The Yard Sale event is organized as a community service and fundraiser. The Bayside residents’ $10 participation fee will pay for the maps, signs, and promotion for their yard sale and donations will go toward the fund drive to repair and restore the Temperance Hall and beautification of this central property in Bayside.

The community-wide yard sale is scheduled for August 19 when Cal Poly Humboldt students will be back and shopping for items to furnish their homes. 

To participate and learn more details, email: .